As an individual who believes that a thriving democracy depends on access to accurate information, new ideas and achievable solutions, please consider supporting the Tyee Solutions Society Fund.

Hundreds of newsrooms across North America have shut their doors. Yet, during this time of significant global change, the need is more critical than ever for credible journalism that reveals urgent problems, thoroughly examines and explains the facts, holds those in power accountable, and identifies achievable solutions.

The ability to produce well-investigated, in-depth, solutions-oriented reporting in the public interest depends on contributions from supporters like you.

$1,000 enables a thoroughly-investigated feature article that shines a light on issues affecting Canadians but often left out of mainstream media coverage.

Your donation will support the following:

  • Reporters’ wages and field expenses
  • Broad distribution of our reporting through an expanding network of media partners
  • Distribution to influentials, decision-makers, and elected officials
  • Public engagement events that mobilize citizens to take action around viable solutions to issues impacting their communities

Ways to donate

To support this work, please consider a donation to the Tyee Solutions Society Fund; our donor-advised fund managed by Tides Canada Foundation, a national public foundation registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Donations to the Tyee Solutions Society Fund are eligible for a charitable tax receipt issued by Tides Canada Foundation.

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Email or fax: Complete a donation form (fillable pdf) and email to Crystal Chu, Tides Canada Foundation, at or fax to 1-866-780-6611.

Mail: Complete and mail a donation form (fillable pdf) to Tides Canada Foundation, 400-163 W.Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V6B 1H5.

Phone: Please contact Rachel Rocco, Tides Canada Foundation, at 604-647-6611(ext 616).

For more information, please contact Michelle Hoar at

Tyee Solutions Society Supporters

TSS reporting is funded by a variety of charitable organizations and the generous philanthropic contributions from private and community foundations, local corporations, unions and individuals. All funders sign releases guaranteeing full editorial autonomy. Likewise, funders do not formally endorse any of the particular findings of the work.

Funders include:

British Columbia Teachers Federation
Aboriginal Housing Management Association
BC Non-Profit Housing Association
Bullitt Foundation
Catherine Donnelly Foundation
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union
Gencon Foundation
Hospital Employees’ Union
Illahie Fund
McLean Foundation
Metcalf Foundation
Real Estate Foundation of BC
Snyder Foundation
Tides Canada Intiatives
Tula Foundation
Vancity Community Foundation
Vancity Credit Union
Vancouver Foundation
Willow Grove Foundation