Tyee Solutions Society (TSS) is a non-profit organization producing catalytic, solutions-oriented journalism on social, economic and environmental issues of broad concern to Canadians.

TSS defines “catalytic journalism” as solutions-oriented reporting that uses traditional investigative techniques to empower citizens with the information needed to seize opportunities for positive change. TSS reporting examines and explains the facts and identifies achievable solutions to issues impacting the lives of Canadians.

The Need

A thriving democracy depends on citizens’ access to credible information, the ability to examine issues and the exploration of new ideas. Yet, due to media consolidation and slumping revenue, thousands of news media jobs across North America have been eliminated in the past several years.

With the significant loss in professional news resources, it is more critical than ever to shine a light on issues challenging society but left out of mainstream media coverage and to encourage innovative, achievable solutions.

TSS was established to bring back the professional newsroom “beat”. TSS produces award-winning, thoroughly-investigated reporting that is broadly distributed to the public to engage citizens and catalyze action that leads to positive change.


Find answers to pressing issues.

TSS’ reporting is organized around ‘Solution Hubs’. Similar to newspaper beats, each “hub” features in-depth, solutions-oriented reporting on specific subject areas. Hub reporters continuously cultivate their expertise and connections to sources in order to produce the well-informed coverage necessary for citizens to make informed decisions.

Get the word out.

TSS’ journalism is distributed through a broad range of media partners, free of charge. All TSS reporting is published by The Tyee (250,000 unique visitors per month) while other partners span the media spectrum from leading international daily newspapers (Los Angeles Times) to community print (Waterloo Region Record) to regional radio (CBC Radio BC). In addition, our reporting is strategically distributed to influentials, decision-makers, and affected communities.

Engaging the public.

Through high-impact public engagement events and activities, TSS facilitates collaboration between the public, policy makers, influentials and elected officials to take action around viable solutions.

Training a new generation.

TSS cultivates the expertise of emerging journalists by providing training opportunities, resources and professional support.

Although the model for non-profit investigative journalism is new to Canada, over 15 non-profit journalism outlets currently operate in the United States. TSS is continuously exploring alternative and innovative business models and approaches to help foster the sustainability of professional journalism.


TSS’ reporting is made possible by the generous support of a variety of charitable organizations and the generous philanthropic contributions from private and community foundations, local corporations, unions and individuals.
TSS funders neither influence nor endorse the particular content of TSS’ reporting.


If you are interested in republishing our stories or would like to discuss a media partnership, please contact Coordinating Editor Chris Wood at cwood(at)tyeesolutions.org.

If you are interested in public engagement or event partnership opportunities, please contact Michelle Hoar, co-founder and Senior Advisor, at mhoar(at)tyeesolutions.org.